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About Grace Recovery



Our mission is to offer ethical, abstinence- based treatment in a healthy environment that fosters a community of recovery, healing and change. To those suffering from substance dependence. We will provide an opportunity to develop a strong foundation in recovery from which they can build a life free from alcohol and drugs. We know that the best outcome for successful, long-term sobriety depends on the quality of recovery established during the first phase of the recovery process. Philosophically, we are grounded in 12-Step program, but will offer a variety of clinical and recovery-oriented activities thoughtfully combined with the result of a comprehensive and sophisticated treatment continuum.


Grace Recovery is a treatment center that transforms struggling individuals into authentic and healthy members of society. Long term sobriety depends on the quality of recovery established during the first phase of the recovery process.

Philosophically grounded in the 12-step program, we offer a variety of clinical and recovery-oriented activities thoughtfully combined with the result of a comprehensive and sophisticated treatment continuum.




When Greg and Joelene first met 7 years ago, they instantly clicked. As the respective CEO and Clinical Director of a highly regarded Los Angeles based treatment center, they used their shared vision to build an engaging, supportive, and confidential environment for patients to heal and change. A key part of Greg and Joelene’s success was their deliberate approach to treatment. Their holistic philosophy of abstinence-based, 12-step recovery focused on the mind, body, and spirit. They provided a combination of education, psychiatric services, individual, group, and family oriented therapeutic strategies, exercise, and ongoing access to a loving community of peers in order to give clients the foundation for long-term success in sobriety.

Grace Recovery is the collaboration of 39 years of combined treatment experience. Greg and Joelene are ethical, determined, and hold integrity above all else. They recognize that since each patient brings his or her own unique experiences to the table, individualized and customized plans are crucial for long term recovery. Greg and Joelene have seen the benefits of creating a strong treatment community of support and understanding. They have learned that struggles, heartache, and pain are sometimes necessary pebbles in the flowing stream of life. They also insist that life in sobriety must be fun. Greg and Joelene have poured their hearts into the creation of a program that will introduce people to a new way of life, full of the wonder and grace they all deserve.


CEO & Co-Founder

Meet Our Team



Executive Director

More About Kelly

Kelly began her career working in substance use disorder treatment in 2012 after being inspired by her own experience of recovery. After receiving her substance use counseling certificate at UCLA, she began working as a case manager and was quickly promoted an Outpatient Coordinator. In 2019 Kelly graduated Summa Cum Laude with her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University and in 2021 earned her master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California.


While Kelly’s academic achievements are meaningful, it is her gift of treating people with complex mental health disorders and substance use disorders that sets her apart. Kelly has a way of creating safety and invites people to be the most authentic versions of themselves. She is known to take on some of the most challenging cases with the firm belief that recovery is possible for anyone if they are provided the tools and environment to heal.


Kelly’s passion project was the opening of Grace Recovery. She was able to utilize her vast experience and education in program development and curriculum as the Program Director. Kelly’s leadership skills made her the ideal candidate to become Grace Recovery’s Executive Director, a role that she holds near and dear to her heart. Kelly knows the importance of sobriety and self-care and is devoted to helping others to find their own sense of fulfillment and purpose.


Clinical Coordinator

More About Ben

Benjamin is a client centered, solution focused therapist who employs elements of CBT as well as music therapy into his practice with the clients. Benjamin has eight years of experience working in the mental health field. He was licensed in 2017 and supervises ASW and AMFT’s. He received an undergraduate degree in Psychology from St Joseph’s University and a Master’s Degree from California State University-Northridge.


His knowledge of working in treatment is vast, as he has fulfilled several different roles in working in the center. Benjamin has experience as a resident advisor, case manager, and primary therapist. He, himself, is also in recovery.


In the past he has worked at the UCLA psychiatric unit and has experience working with children and adolescents in a mental health setting. He is currently a primary therapist at Grace Recovery.



More About Suzanne

Suzanne has worked alongside the Grace Recovery team for the entirety of her time working in substance use treatment. Upon entering this field, she had one year sober in 2014 and started as an overnight technician.  She was unsure what she wanted to do at that time, but knew she felt empowered working with others. 


She is a program therapist with seven years of experience in the service and care of individuals struggling with substance abuse disorder. Suzanne is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT) and Substance Use Counselor (CADC-I). She is currently working toward a license for MFT.


Everyday Suzanne believes she has the opportunity to sit with someone willing to put in the work to grow and believes this to be an honor. 


Case Manager

More About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a case manager at Grace Recovery. She is an integral part of the team, having eight years of experience working in substance use disorder treatment. She began her journey as a Client Advisor working her way up to Case Manager.


Elizabeth is sober since 2013 and has been working in treatment for eight years. She attended Loyola Marymount University for a drug and alcohol counseling education.


Elizabeth’s favorite therapeutic groups are those related to art and self-expression. Her personal journey in sobriety inspired her to work in treatment and help other addicts.


Residential Advisor/ Nursing Staff Supervisor

More About Sarah

Sarah serves as a Residential Advisor as well as Nursing Staff Supervisor at Grace Recovery. She has worked in Drug and Alcohol treatment for seven years. As a recovering addict herself she can recognize how the staff plays a vital role in client recovery.


Sarah started by working the overnight shift. The reason being that she knew this was the hardest time of day for clients admitted and compassionately wanted to be there to support them. Sarah wants residents to know that someone is always there for them, especially when feeling lonely and dealing with a troubled mind. Sarah deeply enjoys watching the clients grow during some their toughest struggles and complete the program with newfound confidence and self-esteem.


Business Development & Administrative Coordinator

More About Valentina

Valentina has worked in Executive Assistant roles since 2007, supporting growth for large and small organizations across multiple industries. Valentina started working in substance use disorder treatment in 2019 and deeply connected with the heart behind the mission at Grace Recovery.


Valentina enjoys learning about and applying holistic treatment methods proven to support the body’s highest good – and in turn sharing these practices with clients seeking freedom from active addiction. She believes anything with the ability to save a life is worth exploring – from therapy to psychiatry, medication, acupuncture, breathwork, nutrition response testing, ayurveda, exercise, exploring spirituality, mindful eating, understanding anxiety, raising standards with interpersonal relationships, honoring one’s voice & boundaries, to studying gut microbiomes and the GI/Brain connection.


Valentina is fully invested in both the operations at Grace Recovery and with building external partnerships with trusted aftercare facilities. She enjoys and requires knowing first hand any client’s efforts made at Grace will only be supported and furthered appropriately if/when moving onto an alternative Residential Program, IOP and/or Sober Living. Valentina believes having open collaboration with other clinical teams in the community and utilizing all resources possible is the best way to advocate, search, find and fight for any client to have the best outcome.

What we stand for



According to SAMHSA data, addiction affects over 23 million Americans, although according to the most recent data suggests the number may be closer to double that. This means that most likely you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, otherwise, you wouldn’t have wound up on our website. Here at Grace Recovery, our addiction treatment program is the core of everything we do. We understand what it takes to achieve long-term recovery and we provide each client with the tools to achieve that goal.


While there are many people addicted in America, there are a large number in recovery from drugs and alcohol as well. Grace Recovery is a part of the movement to provide quality treatment that leads to sustainable, long-term recovery to those addicted. We get it. Many of our staff have personally been through the process, and others have experienced it first hand as a loved one. We understand the importance of providing those addicted with the tools needed to achieve recovery, once and for all.


Here at Grace Recovery we believe in building a community of support and healing. Those who enter our doors are not the only ones affected by their drug & alcohol problem. From family members, spouses to children and employers, those closest to the addict are typically affected as well. Grace Recovery has built a community of recovering families and friends through our unique program. We rely on each other and support each other through our recovery journeys. Many of those who work at Grace are in recovery themselves. Come join a community of people who truly care about your future and success in recovery.


Grace Recovery believes treatment shouldn’t be a revolving door. If you choose our program to help you and your loved ones, we promise to provide quality, innovative treatment in order to achieve long-term recovery. We understand that recovery is a life-long process and that relapse is a reality for some. If you come to our program and find yourself having relapsed, we don’t judge or look down on you. We welcome you back with open arms. That’s the example of recovery we aim to live by. Whether you choose our program or not our staff will assist you in finding the best treatment that fits your needs.


You’re invited to experience a new type of treatment.