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Connecting with others is how we heal.


Group therapy is one of the core therapies utilized at Grace Recovery’s drug rehab program in Los Angeles. If you are seeking treatment for a drug or alcohol problem, connecting with others in shared experiences & feelings has been shown to lead to long-term recovery.


It’s not uncommon for people to feel alone when they struggle with addiction. In fact, some people say that the disease makes them feel like the whole world is against them. It also makes them feel like people don’t understand what they feel or experience. Thankfully, group therapy is a great tool that corrects this distorted way of thinking and so much more.


Firstly, it’s important for people to understand group therapy. As the name suggests, it occurs in a group setting. The sessions usually have between five and 15 people. The number of participants depends on the size of the rehab center and other factors.

A group therapy program can include members of both genders. Sometimes, however, it’s a gender-specific service that only includes men or women. It really depends on the rehab center and its recovery plans. In either case, the goal is the same, which is to provide support for people to overcome addiction.

Group sessions also include a therapist who leads group discussions. The therapist asks the participants to share their stories and feelings. This approach shows people that others experience the same hardships as them. Over time, sharing their feelings makes it easier for them to open up and trust others.


There’s a reason why nearly every rehab center offers some kind of group therapy program. In fact, people get many benefits from this service. The more benefits that they know, the easier that it is for them to understand the importance of group sessions.

The first important benefit of group therapy is that it provides peer support. It shows people that they aren’t alone and that others face the same challenges that they do. Even people with dual diagnoses, such as panic attacks and depression, gain this benefit. As a result, group counseling can end the feeling of isolation that addiction causes.

A group setting also provides unique perspectives on certain situations so that people can see problems from other viewpoints. As a result, they become more understanding of others’ feelings. In the long run, it helps them better understand what their families and friends go through.

Studies also show that group counseling pushes people forward. In fact, they tend to recover faster in group settings. The success of others in rehab gives them hope of recovery and encourages them to complete treatment.

Lastly, group counseling teaches people the importance of social skills. Many of them struggle in this aspect. Group therapy helps them work out their problems and move forward as a whole.


Once rehab ends, the journey to stay sober continues. People can’t cure addiction, but they can learn to control it. In order to achieve that, they have to stay strong. One of the best ways to stay strong is to continue getting therapy.

Unfortunately, individual therapy is expensive because therapists charge their entire fee to just one person. However, group counseling is much more affordable because the participants split the cost. In short, it gives those who typically can’t afford therapy a chance to get ongoing support after rehab. Of course, the overall cost differs between clinics.


Grace Recovery in Los Angeles, CA offers a peaceful and luxurious setting for you to recover from addiction and co-occurring mental disorders. Our goal is to provide you with affordable, quality treatment that works.

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The only goal at Grace Recovery is to help you overcome drug addiction. In order to do this, we believe that it’s important to help you every step of the way. For that reason, we’re a detox and rehab center. During treatment, we encourage you to participate in our group therapy program.

Of course, we offer a lot more than just group counseling. We feel that using a wide range of services makes it easier for us to help more people. Some of the other addiction therapy services that we offer include:

Don’t feel like you have to deal with addiction alone. Let us teach you that it takes more than just one treatment program to get the upper hand on addiction. Visit or contact Grace Recovery today at (866) 431-3602 for more information about our group therapy.

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