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Grace Recovery is a community of healing and support.

Who We Are

Our holistic approach provides top-notch, evidence-based treatment.


We accept most major insurance policies. Find out if your provider is on the list.

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From detoxification to aftercare and discharge planning, our team is always there for you.



Grace Recovery provides multiple levels of care to compassionately guide you through every step of addiction treatment.

Using a step-down approach, you gain more independence as you progress.

  • Detox
  • Residential
  • Aftercare
  • Length of Stay

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    We provide our clients with a wide variety of addiction treatment services to help them achieve and maintain recovery.

    Our offerings range from holistic to evidence-based, which ensures we meet every client’s needs.

    • Support Groups
    • Acupuncture
    • Therapy
    • Case Management
    • Trauma-Informed Yoga
    • Ancillary Psychiatrist
    • Life Skills
    • Psychoeducation
    • Exercise
    • Relapse Prevention
    • Healthy Living

    We Work With Most Major Insurance Providers.



    At Grace Recovery, we know that a strong support system is vital to success in recovery.

    For this reason, we encourage community building with others in recovery.

    • 12-Step Meetings
    • Service

    Let’s Change the Way We Treat Addiction.

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    What Our Clients Say

    • When it comes time to make a choice to find relief from drugs and alcohol Grace is where you need to call. All treatment centers have a roof, walls, beds, meals, and support staff. What sets Grace apart from many others are the people that put their hearts into ensuring that you make it through successfully. These people pour their love, compassion, and experience into everyone that makes it through their doors. I'll forever be grateful to the Grace team and wish them the absolute best. If you are trying to decide where to start please take the 10 minutes out of life to give them a call. There is absolutely a solution. Best wishes to you on your adventure in recovery!

      Scott S.
    • Grace Recovery is an oasis in the heart of Hollywood. The center is a collection of bungalows surrounded by lush gardens, aimless pathways, and little hidden spots underneath the trees that allow you to zone out reflect and find yourself again. But what I really love about Grace is that you don't feel like an outcast. But most importantly, I really connected with the team at Grace and found them extremely supportive and patient. I never felt like they were talking down at me but genuinely working with me through my issues.

      Dyaln O.
    • These are people who actually have your best interests in mind. This is life and death, and if you want a life worth living— choose people like these to help save you.

      Tony D.
    • I recommend Grace Recovery, because Jolene had been my counselor back in 2000. She truly cares. Although I had some minor set backs since then, she will tell you the truth, and be your biggest cheerleader. I know, without a doubt that if I needed a safe place to seek treatment, I know that Grace Recovery would be where I would turn. Seeking treatment is one of the hardest steps to take, but once you do, It's an amazing life. Today I will be celebrating 1 year in March( I haven't drank in almost 7 years) but because recovery is about being honest, by the Grace in March I will have 1 year.

      Marie F.
    • “Grace” is an undeserved gift and Grace Recovery brings the gift of integrity and a highly effective approach to recovery that considers the whole person in the initial stabilizing stages of recovery. It is an oasis of quality mental health and addiction services in what is often a desert.

      David V.

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