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Crystal meth is highly addictive and ruins lives.

Crystal Meth Detox Program

Meth Destroys

Most people know that methamphetamine (meth) is an addictive drug that can destroy lives. However, there’s a lot more to understand about this drug than just its addictive nature. For example, people should never attempt to overcome meth addiction without a meth detox program. With that said, how do families know when loved ones need meth addiction treatment?

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Our Levels of Care

At Grace Recovery, we believe in rehabilitation that consists of comprehensive addiction treatment programs. For this reason, we offer medical detox, 30, 60, and 90-day residential programs, as well as options for outpatient treatment and aftercare services. Our expert staff can guide you through every step of your recovery journey.

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The Many Names of Meth

Meth has a number of names. In fact, using street names is one of the first warning signs of meth abuse. If family members don’t know the street names, though, they won’t notice this sign. Some of these names include:

  • Ice
  • Crank
  • Trash
  • Christina
  • Working man’s coke
  • Tina

Why is Treatment Needed for Crystal Meth Addiction?

If a loved one abuses meth, why is it important to get help? The truth is that using meth can lead to many health problems and eventually death. People who abuse the drug typically have terrible teeth, open sores on their faces and other physical ailments. However, meth abuse doesn’t stop with just physical ailments.

People who abuse this substance typically have mental disorders too. The drug can damage short- and long-term memory. Because of that, meth users may show signs of early Alzheimer’s and suffer from strokes and seizures.

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    The Benefits of a Meth Addiction Treatment Program

    Getting over meth is one of the hardest things that people will ever do. However, a number of programs can help them achieve recovery. While most people want to start with addiction treatment right away, the real starting point is detox.

    Some people try to detox on their own. They might choose this method because they hear that meth withdrawal isn’t deadly. Also, detoxing at home saves them money. However, trying to detox from meth without professional help rarely ever ends well.

    People who don’t enroll in a meth detox program are more likely to relapse. To make matters worse, studies show that relapse makes it even harder to quit a second time. Also, it can result in overdose or death if they use the same amount as before they first got clean.

    A meth detox program can walk people through the whole process. It consists of making meth withdrawal symptoms more manageable. This aspect is important because although meth withdrawal doesn’t cause deadly symptoms, the effects are very uncomfortable.

    Lastly, people have access to around-the-clock support. Meth withdrawal can begin at any time, day or night. For that reason, a detox center provides 24-hour support. People no longer have to worry about being alone when the symptoms reach their peak.

    Why Do I Need Treatment After Detox?

    Choosing a detox center that doesn’t offer rehab is one of the biggest mistakes that people make. The best facility is one that also provides detox services. As a result, people get both detox and rehab in the same location.

    This element is beneficial for many reasons. First, it prevents the need for travel between detox and rehab. When it comes to addiction treatment, transferring between these facilities increases stress. Secondly, it ensures that people can get comfortable with their therapists, which improves the overall quality of treatment.

    Meth Detox Program

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    Overcome Crystal Meth Addiction at Grace Recovery in Los Angeles

    Do you need a meth or cocaine detox program that you can trust? If so, you can count on Grace Recovery. Our rehab center offers on-site detox services and access to all of the tools that you need to recover.

    Aside from a meth detox program, Grace Recovery uses a full lineup of programs and services. In fact, our staff creates custom treatment plans to ensure that everyone receives proper treatment. Some of the programs that we offer include:

    Get help from a meth detox program today. Remember that the sooner that you get help, the easier that it is to overcome meth addiction. Reach out to Grace Recovery right now at 866.431.3602.

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