As the name implies, 90 Day Rehab programs are addiction treatment programs that run for 90 days. The treatment is aimed at treating various addictions and helping people achieve long term sobriety. 

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), 90-day rehab programs have the highest likelihood of helping people achieve long-term recovery. Not just that, the longer term addiction treatment programs also helps prevent future drug or alcohol relapse.

However, SAMHSA reported that long term programs longer than 30 days account for only 7% of rehab admissions. At Grace Recovery, we  offer long term treatment up to 90 days to help people overcome their addiction(s)!

Why Grace Recovery Offers a 90 Day Rehab Program

Grace Recovery provides the best support for patients and gives them full access to the best addiction treatments. While many rehab facilities offer only 30-day rehab, Grace Recovery provides 30-day, 60-day, and 90 day rehab programs. 

The reason for this is everyone’s recovery process is different and it can take all different times to heal. A 30-day program can be suitable for someone that perhaps has a stable home environment to return to upon completion of the program. For others who may not have a safe and sober home to go back too, longer term treatment is a great option for them. 

The Benefits of 90 Day Rehab Programs Los Angeles

To understand the benefits of 90-day rehab programs and if it’s the best for you, let’s discuss how it differs from other treatment programs.

Extended treatment programs provide longer-lasting sobriety. 90 day rehab treatment offers a solid foundation for recovery.

90 day rehab gives patients more room to stay in a positive environment and get used to living without the substance.

Shorter treatment programs focus on detoxification and treating addiction symptoms, whereas 90 day rehab programs encourage permanent lifestyle changes, address underlying mental illness, and equip patients with strategies to maintain sobriety. 

90 day treatment is the best for clients with long-standing addiction as they often require prolonged treatment to address the root cause behind the addiction.

Who Should Go to a 90 Day Rehab Program?

Every addiction requires a unique approach and the best treatment program depends on the individual person and their addiction. However, a long treatment stay is the best option for severe addictions or if you need a safe place to live and recover. 

How Grace Recovery Help People Find Sobriety

Grace Recovery offers a 90 day rehab program in Los Angeles. Our staff members fully understand the complexity of addiction and thus provide comprehensive addiction treatment programs that will work for you or your loved one! 

Our treatment programs at Grace Recovery include:

  • Evaluation 

Our clients meet with a professional upon arrival to our facility to provide details about their addiction and their medical/mental health. This helps our staff members determine the best treatment method. 

  • Detoxification 

Whether you are joining us for a 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day rehab program, our treatment includes detoxification, where we will safely remove all toxic substances from your body.

  • Addiction Therapy 

Therapy is offered in a group setting and individual. We use behavioral therapeutic techniques (in some cases, medication-assisted treatments) to address the patient’s recovery needs. Addiction therapy is the central part of long term treatment. 

Using multiple approaches, our clients learn coping mechanisms, practice substance refusal, and make better life choices.

  • Dual Diagnosis 

For some, addiction is connected to mental illness. Grace Recovery is a dual diagnosis treatment center. Asides from treating addiction symptoms, we address other mental illnesses you may be facing to help you achieve long term recovery. 

  • Support Groups

Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous provide a supportive community where people get a sense of understanding, which will aid recovery. 

According to a journal published by NIH, people who are part of support groups are twice likely to remain sober than people who aren’t. Grace Recovery offers 12-step support group meetings to our clients while they are going through our treatment program.

  • Aftercare

After the rehab program is the aftercare, where clients learn to maintain sobriety for the long haul. This treatment includes therapy, support groups, counseling, and more.

Reach Out to Grace Recovery Today

If you’re addicted to drugs and alcohol and need help, we are here for you. We will help you choose the best program for your or your loved one, and provide comprehensive treatment to help with recovery from addiction.

Our staff will guide you through the recovery process, and our serene environment is that safe space you need to maintain sobriety.

Reach out to us today to start your recovery journey! 

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