Is My Addiction Serious Enough To Go To Rehab?

“The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.” This statement is at the core of 12-step programs, but for some struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, it isn’t enough. Whether you are analytically minded or still attempting to identify how you feel about the word “addict,” you are probably looking for a set of behaviors to relate to or medical symptoms to spot before heading to rehab. However, there is no hard and fast criteria for rehab entry. Addiction treatment programs, such as those at Grace Recovery, are able to help you before you hit rock bottom.

When do I need to go to rehab?

When you start thinking about rehab, it’s probably time to go. Your mind is telling you it is no longer in control of your behavior and your consumption of alcohol or drugs. This doesn’t have to mean you are stumbling home at 3 a.m. and passing out until the next evening. It could mean you are growing weary of social drinking but can’t quit asking for refills when you slide up to the bar. It may also look like a bottle of wine gradually disappearing over the course of a day full of errands and childcare responsibilities.

Do you feel guilty?

If you feel guilt over your drug use or drinking and want to quit, rehab may be a necessary retreat for you to break free of the triggers and habits that make it easy for you to head back to the bottle or bar. Other warning signs include a loss of interest in your day-to-day activities, intensified cravings or an overall lack of responsibility to other areas of your daily life.

Is your life suffering?

Have you started being late? Missing appointments? Checking out of play time or letting your mind wander as you put in eight hours per day at work? Do you ever engage in dangerous behavior, such as driving intoxicated or under the influence? On days you avoid the bar after work or don’t take pain medicine, do you start to feel withdrawal symptoms like headaches and nausea? Have you started to lose or gain weight or experience health problems as a result of your use?

Positive answers to any of these questions or experience with similar situations is an indicator you need to speak to a professional about your addiction. Start considering your rehab options.

Is rehab only for serious cases?

Modern rehabilitation and addiction treatment programs are not the austere drying out periods of yesteryear. State-of-the-art facilities like Grace Recovery couple luxury amenities with the latest in substance abuse programming. Each treatment plan is individualized, so we will treat your drinking problem or drug addiction by focusing on you specifically, whether this is your first attempt at recovery or a stay following relapse.

Our team will evaluate your situation and craft a detox plan compatible with any medical challenges or emotional hurdles. The detox phase also includes the introduction of long-term treatment goals, such as self-care and goal setting. Instead of focusing on rehab as something for people who have reached bottom, view it as an opportunity to reset and develop the physical and mental distance needed to fight a serious problem.

How do your friends and family feel?

To obtain clarity about your situation, speaking to friends and family about your concerns can provide an additional perspective. They can also help you fight your addiction whether you ultimately enter rehab or not.

Other times, the people in your life may tell you everything is fine. In these instances, you need to assess your crew and their behavior. You may have unconsciously surrounded yourself with others who reinforced your addictions because of their own, making it difficult to obtain an honest perspective.

What about the future?

Grace Recovery is located in the heart of Hollywood, California, and provides treatment for residents of the Los Angeles area and beyond. After a detox period in rehab, patients complete a 30-day to 90-day residential program to help break the cycle of addiction. They also move forward with an aftercare plan while returning to work and family life.

Addiction treatment is a difficult journey, but it will enhance your life. The energy you previously devoted to drugs or alcohol can now be used in more productive ways, and your relationships will benefit from increased attention.

If you are ready to start that journey or still unsure if you need help, visit or contact us today at 866.431.3602 to speak a member of our qualified staff.