What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

When you’re trying to find treatment to help you with overcoming your addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s overwhelming. There are many different things to consider when it comes to getting help, and there’s a lot to understand. One of the best ways to feel more comfortable about seeking help is to know the levels of care. While doing your research, you may come across PHP, and ask yourself, “What is a partial hospitalization program?” What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program? It’s always good to have questions about treatment before you go in because it’s going to help you stay clean when you understand the process. Asking, “What is a partial hospitalization program?” is entirely normal, and many people don’t know. There are various levels of care when it comes to treatment, and each one can help you progress in recovery. Some of the most common levels of care that you may come across include the following: Detox Inpatient PHP IOP Aftercare You typically start with the detoxification process to help you through the symptoms of withdrawal, which can be extremely uncomfortable. From detox, it’s sometimes a good idea to do inpatient treatment where you can fully focus on yourself and your recovery. After inpatient is when you go to PHP if necessary, which also provides you with medical attention, but not as much. This level of care is for people who have become more medically stable and need minimal medical supervision. What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program and What Happens? It’s essential for a medical doctor as well as your therapist to assess you regularly to see if a PHP is right for you. Not only does this take into account how well your health is improving, but it’s also about your recovery. As you continue to progress in your recovery and have a minimal chance of relapse, you become more ready for a PHP. A partial hospitalization program focuses on helping you learn how to live a new life without substances. During the PHP level of care, you’ll go through both individual as well as group therapy to learn new coping skills. The disease of addiction involves turning to drugs or alcohol as a way of dealing with the stresses of everyday life. This is why aside from the medical attention you receive, you’re also going to learn about living a happy, sober life. Getting Help for Your Addiction Grace Recovery is an addiction treatment center that provides all levels of care to help you overcome your addiction. We understand that you have questions, and we’re here to answer, “What is a partial hospitalization program?” and make you feel comfortable. We’re located in Los Angeles, California, and we specialize in helping people overcome addiction as well as mental illness. Some of the programs we offer here include: Meditation therapy Acupuncture therapy Dual diagnosis treatment Residential treatment Medication assisted treatment Aftercare For more information about what is a partial hospitalization program, call Grace Recovery today at *DM_DirectNumber format=period*.

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