Anyone who has studied health even tangentially quickly gets an understanding that the body and mind don’t work separately. They function as an integrated system that requires multiple inputs to be in balance to reach a state of being “healthy” as we define it today. When things are imbalanced, the body goes into arrest and the mind begins to issue instructions to compensate. While it addresses the issue in the short-term, long-term continuation of the compensation eventually becomes detrimental to the system as a whole. This is why people suffer more injuries after an initial injury and as their body compensates for the first problem. Eventually, a cascading effect occurs, and the whole system begins to falter without some kind of significant change being applied.

An Addiction Takes Down More Than Just Physical Defenses

In the world of rehabilitation and recovery, the mind and body again are intertwined in a problem that has overwhelmed the person. Typically, the addiction starts as some kind of a release to an original problem. Work, family, stress, social issues, other health issues, the list goes on. But the addiction develops because the body and mind no longer can offset the effects, and instead they try to incorporate the problem as a cure for the original concern. That addiction, as many know, can wreck a life, overwhelming the common sense of the mind and the correct function of the body simultaneously.

Holistic Application

A holistic approach to recovery involves far more than just applying a medical treatment or a withdrawal. Those simply deal with the body’s reaction to breaking the addiction. Instead, holistic addiction treatment focuses on a wider scale, trying to restore the necessary health balance to the mind and body together. This is done through:

  • Personal Acknowledgement – helping the patient and motivating him or her to want a well-balanced life that proactively works to protect itself from harm and instead seek out personal improvement.
  • General Health – Improving one’s diet, exercise, stress management, and relaxation via techniques helps the patient restore the physical functions of the body to protect itself from biological harm.
  • Environmental Training – Patients are impacted by their external environments just as much as by what they take into their bodies. Counseling and training on environmental change where possible has a significant influence on indirect triggers that can weaken a patient in the recovery phase. This is why so many serious programs include in-patient treatment to remove a patient from surrounding triggers, at least until recovery can stabilize. But at some point patients have to live in the real world again and understand how to control what’s around them to complete healing.
  • Commitment – Education involves engaging with the patient to realign wants and desires into a long-term commitment for sticking with therapy, sobriety and life management through training and confidence-building strategies. This can include a variety of tools from breathing and meditation to pain and anxiety management.
  • Natural Aids and Supplemental Resources – Teaching patients what resources exist for natural assistance as well as how to use these resources in relaxation, stress-management, travel, pressure situations, diet, and sleep.

Finding Local Help With Active Holistic Application

Grace Recovery has long been a major proponent of and integrator of holistic treatment in its addiction recovery programs. Located in Hollywood, CA, Grace Recovery combines medical treatment in detoxification and residential inpatient response with holistic behavioral training, stress, and pain management education, confident and commitment enhancement and life stability training. Because of this combined approach versus just treating medical symptoms only, addiction rehabilitation at Grace Recovery produces far greater results in patients preparing for long-term, life sobriety versus just addressing symptoms.

The myths of in-patient addiction treatment and recovery are just that, stories. Grace Recovery puts an active approach in your hands as an effective tool towards stopping addiction, either for you or a loved one. Take advantage of the valuable benefit and recover your life the way it should be instead of feeling out of control.


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