For those who deal with addiction or who know someone dealing with addiction, getting the right help to get sober and begin recovery can be difficult. Getting clean after long-term addiction poses a number of dangers if it isn’t done the right way.

At Grace Recovery we believe in making sure our clients get the treatment they need to safely get off drugs or alcohol and get started on the path to true recovery. In this post we will discuss what “MAT Treatment near me” is, Who should go to MAT treatment, and How Grace Recovery can help.

What Is MAT Treatment Near Me?

MAT Treatment near me refers to addiction treatment centers that specialize in offering medication assisted treatment for those dealing with addiction. MAT treatment is used when someone is addicted to opioids and it’s not safe for them to stop taking them cold turkey. Opioid abuse can have debilitating withdrawal effects which often causes someone to relapse after they quit.

The medication helps by easing the addiction, and is used in conjunction with other therapy options. MAT treatment near me is primarily used to treat opioid use disorder

MAT treatment typically uses drugs such as methadone, buprenorphine or Vivitrol to treat opioid addiction. 

How Is MAT Treatment Administered?

Usually the person suffering from addiction is given certain medications to either limit the risk of withdrawal or to help them gradually come off of another addictive substance under the care of a trained medical professional at a rehab. 

Methadone is typically given as a replacement drug for opioids and intended to reduce the effects of withdrawal symptoms, and to reduce cravings for another substance.

Buprenorphine is a partial opioid that has been shown to be highly effective in treating heroin addiction, with few of the side effects or risks from methadone.

Vivitrol (Naltrexone) blocks an individual’s ability to feel any euphoric effect when using drugs; it also prevents someone from getting high while drinking alcohol as well.

As you can see, medication assisted treatment works to counter the effects of addiction and help the person get clean by making it easier for them to detox. Getting clean of a substance is a crucial first step in the process of recovery.

Who Should Go to MAT Treatment Near Me?

Because MAT treatment near me is a focused type of treatment, it is best suited for those individuals who have a sustained addiction to a harmful substance where the lack of it could negatively impact their health.

Certain substances alter the chemistry of the body or affect the central nervous system and therefore make attempting normal detoxification problematic. Without substances to control the effects of addiction it makes safe detox nearly impossible.

How Grace Recovery Can Help You Get Sober

The first step in getting the treatment you need is finding a facility that offers a variety of programs for whatever form your addiction may take. Grace Recovery works to treat the whole individual, mind, body, and spirit by offering a wide array of treatment options to meet individual client needs.

This includes medication assisted treatment and detoxification so that clients can safely get off of drugs. We offer treatment in our calming and safe residential inpatient treatment center where we help patients to recover from addiction with individualized treatment plans before they move on to aftercare and continued recovery.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction and you think MAT treatment near me might be able to help, then contact Grace Recovery today. We’ll get you started on the road to recovery and away from addiction.


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