Many people struggle with addiction every day and their loved ones struggle with how to get them the help they need and what help to get them. It can be difficult to even determine whether someone is addicted to a drug without knowing the signs of addiction in the first place. Each drug affects a person differently and each individual person with an addiction will behave differently, so knowing what common signs to look out for will assist with getting them the right kind of help. 


At Grace Recovery we understand that knowledge is important when it comes to dealing with addiction. In this post, we will examine what oxycontin is, why oxycontin is so addictive and the oxycontin addiction signs to be aware of. 

What Is Oxycontin? 

Oxycontin is part of the category of drugs known as opioids and is a derivative form of the drug oxycodone. Like other drugs in the same category, oxycontin and its parent drug oxycodone are used to relieve pain. Unlike others in the category, oxycodone is quite potent and is used to relieve moderate to severe pain. 


The oxycontin form of the drug is a time-release tablet that is very commonly prescribed, in some cases over the parent drug oxycodone because it can relieve pain for up to 12 hours. When used properly the drug is helpful in pain management after surgery and for coping with severe injuries and other illnesses. 

Why Is Oxycontin So Addictive? 

All opioids carry addictive properties because of the way the drugs interact with the body. Opioids attach to cells in the body’s central nervous system and slowly alter the way they function to the point that the body becomes dependent on opioids to function properly. 


In the case of oxycontin, it is a very potent opioid that can cause addiction fairly quickly, especially if taken outside of the prescribed dosage. Users of oxycontin who become addicted will switch from taking the pill to crushing it and snorting it or diluting the powder with water and injecting the medicine directly. This is done to bypass the normal time-release function of the drug to produce an instant high. 


The typical process for a person to become addicted to oxycontin is to start by using the prescribed amount. Then, if usage goes on too long, the person develops a dependence on the drug in order to function in everyday life. From there they will start to seek other ways to obtain and use the drug once they reach full-blown addiction. 


The Oxycontin Addiction Signs to Be Aware Of 

If you suspect that a loved one may be addicted to oxycontin, here are some of the signs to look out for: 


The most immediate sign is that they are taking more of the drug than they should be or they have changed the method in which they take it. As we stated earlier, if they move to snorting or injecting the drug, these are sure signs of addiction. 


Secondly, a person may suffer from mood changes such as anxiety or depression when they aren’t using the drug. They may withdraw from family and friends and focus only on ways to acquire more oxycontin. This can even lead to trying to acquire the drug through illicit means. They may even resort to harming themselves or others to get what they need. 


Apart from the physical and mental changes, a person who is constantly on oxycontin will likely feel a mild euphoric effect and increased happiness when using the drug which can be a sign that someone is abusing or addicted to the drug. 

How Grace Recovery Can Help With Oxycontin Addiction 

The best way to get yourself or a loved one help with an oxycontin addiction is by getting them to a treatment facility like ours here at Grace Recovery. The treatment process starts in our calm and relaxing environment with our medication-assisted detox program. This is followed by inpatient rehab care to help the person learn to cope with their addiction and give them the tools they need to stay sober. 


Finally, we provide aftercare services so that our clients can continue on the path of sobriety long after treatment in our facility has ended. If you or someone you know is suffering from oxycontin addiction, contact Grace Recovery today. 


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