One of the most common misconceptions about getting sober is that your life will be boring. The good news is this is a misconception and extremely far from being the truth, including for those who live in or are visiting Los Angeles. Just because you are in addiction recovery, it doesn’t mean you cannot have fun. There are several ways to have fun in the city, without using drugs or alcohol. The use of drugs and alcohol does not define your life; in fact, getting sober means you are finally living and enjoying a healthy life. Here are just a few of things you can enjoy in Los Angeles, even while being sober.

Amusement Parks

Like many other cities in California, Los Angeles is home to a lot of amusement parks where you can spend the day riding roller coasters, eating excellent food and trying your hand at various games. Universal Studios, for example, is a great place to enjoy “reenactments” or participating in the same adventures as the characters in your favorite movies. The good news is that even if you used to visit these places before getting sober, you may find you enjoy them much more now that you’re in addiction recovery.

Spend Time at the Beach

One of the best things about Los Angeles is that the weather is almost always perfect for spending the day at the beach. You can pack a picnic, grab your surfboard or simply choose to relax on the sand. There is always some type of activity going on at the different beaches throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding area. If this will be your first time going to the beach sober, you may find that you see the surroundings in a much different view and that you enjoy the environment more than you expected.

Visit a Museum

Unless there is an event involving drugs or alcohol, most people with an addiction don’t include a visit to the museum into their activity schedule. Now that you are in addiction recovery, a trip to the museum may just allow you to appreciate the experience more. Whether you choose to visit the Getty Center for a glimpse at the masterpieces inside or simply to enjoy the view from the mountains, the trip is definitely worth your time. After enjoying all that the museum has to offer, stop for lunch at one of the local establishments, such as the Nickel Diner.

Go For a Hike

Unfortunately, the use of drugs and alcohol takes a significant toll on your physical health as well as your emotional health. So, one of the best ways to celebrate your addiction recovery is by participating in activities that are beneficial for both your physical and emotional health. Los Angeles has some of the greatest places available to hike and most of the trails are pet-friendly, so you can take your pet with you. If you prefer to see the sights on horseback, that can be achieved as well or you can visit Pacific Palisades to see the waterfalls up Temescal Canyon. However, you choose to hit the trails, hiking sober will allow you to enjoy the environment and work on your physical and emotional health.

Being sober will open up a whole new world of experiences for you, so it’s time to get out there and do everything you ever dreamed of doing. Addiction recovery is the time to focus on yourself, do the things you never found time to do when you were using your substance of choice. Try new and different things; you might be completely surprised at how much your interests have changed now that you’re sober. The goal is to have fun and recognize the fact that your addiction is no longer running your life, you are now in charge, so enjoy all that you missed while using and all the things you have worked hard to enjoy.

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