Becoming addicted to drugs is something that many people have to deal with even when they try their best to use the medication the right way, such as prescription opioids. Unfortunately, in the case of many drugs, the longer they are used, the more likely it is that a person will become addicted. Because of this, it’s important to know what options are available to help a person who has become addicted to giving them the best chance at recovery and long-term sobriety. 


At Grace Recovery we know how difficult addiction can be and we want to give all our clients and their families all the information they need to get clean and sober and return to a life free of addiction. In this post we will look at Vivitrol, what it’s used for, and also answer the question “how does Vivitrol work?” and whether or not it is an effective treatment for addiction. 

What Is Vivitrol? 

Vivitrol is the name brand of a drug called Naltrexone that is used to treat the effects of addiction. Specifically, Vivitrol is an injection that blocks some of the effects of opioids. The purpose of Vivitrol is to make a person less dependent on opioids. It is used as an additional medication in combination with traditional addiction treatment. 


While Vivitrol is useful in mitigating the effects and dependence on drugs like opioids, which are highly addictive and can cause a person to become chemically dependent quite easily, it is not a cure for addiction, nor can it treat addiction alone. Instead, it is used as a supplement to professional care at a licensed treatment facility. When used in combination with medically supervised detox and clinical treatment, Vivitrol is shown to help a person get off of opioids and remain sober. 


Vivitrol is sometimes used to treat alcoholism as well. Vivitrol is one of a few different options to assist in the treatment of addiction and may be prescribed for patients with issues with dependence and relapse in order to improve the chances of a successful recovery. 

How Does Vivitrol Work? 

The drug Vivitrol works by inhibiting the feelings that opioids cause. Essentially it prevents the feeling of pain relief and euphoria that occur when opioids are used. This helps treat opioid addiction because it blocks the way that opioids interact with the body and also makes using opioids less enjoyable. 


In a similar way, Vivitrol is used to treat alcoholism because it can be used to diminish cravings for alcohol, thus reducing the urge to drink. This makes it an effective tool for adults who have experienced relapse multiple times in the past. Vivitrol should always be administered by a professional and only as part of a full treatment plan. Vivitrol alone will not treat addiction. 


Is Vivitrol a Form of Addiction Treatment? 

While it may seem like Vivitrol can be used as a treatment for addiction, it is important to understand that it is not an actual treatment for addiction and cannot be used to treat all types of addiction. Vivitrol is a medication that assists in addiction treatment. 


Proper addiction treatment begins by going to a treatment facility like Grace Recovery where our trained medical staff will evaluate the needs of the client and determine if Vivitrol is a viable option to go along with treatment. Once the person has been evaluated, their treatment will begin by entering detox, where they may be prescribed Vivitrol help with the process and reduce cravings. 


Once detox is complete, the next phase of treatment begins. Clients will stay at our inpatient treatment facility and be given individualized tailored to their specific addiction. For patients with co-occurring disorders and ongoing needs, we also offer dual diagnosis treatment and aftercare services to help our clients maintain a life of sobriety. 


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