Though not everyone realizes it, millions of people deal with addiction every day and struggle to get clean. In fact, in some cases, people never get clean because they can’t find the right way to do so, or they have someone who is enabling them to continue being addicted. The recovery process is not easy, and many people don’t understand how recovery works or that continued support is needed for a person to get clean. Unfortunately, addiction is a disease, one that requires the right kind of care and support. By enabling a drug addict, the person is essentially helping them to harm themselves through continued drug use. 


At Grace Recovery, we know that it can be challenging to recognize addiction for what it is and to ask a loved one to seek help. We also know how damaging it can be to enable someone to continue using drugs when they are addicted. That’s why in this post, we are going to look at the signs of enabling a drug addict, what it means to enable a drug addict, and how to get someone help with their drug addiction. There’s no simple cure for addiction. It is a lifelong struggle, but enabling an addict is never the correct answer. 


What Does it Mean to Enable Someone? 


When we are generally speaking about what it means to enable someone, the definition is someone who takes positive action to help someone accomplish something. Helping a friend reach their goals, supporting a group or cause, doing something for another person that helps or benefits them. 


However, when we speak about enabling addiction, the meaning takes on a slightly different context. A person who enables an addict is someone who gives them the means, motive, or opportunity to continue their substance abuse. The difficulty with these situations is that someone may unintentionally be enabling an addict. Unless you know the signs of enabling a drug addict, it can be difficult to correct the behavior and move towards getting the addict the help they need. 


There are many reasons why someone might end up enabling someone who is an addict, guilt, ignorance, love, or even an inability to know what else to do. 


The Signs of Enabling a Drug Addiction 


Unfortunately for the enabler, when you’re in the situation of dealing with someone with an addiction, it can be easy to miss or misinterpret the signs that you are enabling an addiction and worsening the situation. 


One of the most prominent signs of enabling a drug addiction is ignoring the negative behavior or consequences of someone using drugs. This will often go along with justifying the drug use for the addict or finding excuses as to why they shouldn’t quit or seek help. 


Another sign of an enabler is when the enabler prioritizes the addict’s needs over their own, such as spending money that is needed for bills or food to get drugs for the person addicted. Other things like neglecting hygiene, failing to fulfill responsibilities, and taking time away from loved ones in favor of the addicted person are further examples. 


The third sign of someone enabling a drug addiction is when the enabler starts lying about the problem or blaming other people or situations as the reason for the addiction in the first place. This can be extremely harmful and lead to the addicted person not getting the help they need because they believe the drug use is ok. 


How to Get Someone Help With Their Addiction Today 


The first step to getting someone help is getting them away from the person enabling them and getting them to admit they have a problem. Once that happens, it’s time to seek out a licensed treatment facility where the person can get real help from medically licensed professionals in an environment that promotes wellness instead of drug use. 


Grace Recovery is one such treatment facility where we provide services like medication-assisted detox, counseling, and therapy programs at our inpatient treatment facility. We work with each client on an individual basis to treat their unique addiction. We use different therapy methods depending on the individual and the type of care and support they need so that we can maximize their chances of success. 


If you know someone who is dealing with addiction, contact Grace Recovery today to get them on the path to sobriety.

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