Historically speaking, society is reluctant to discuss addiction because of the stigma that surrounds it. As time goes on and information is easily accessible, people are starting to understand addiction is in fact a disease and should be treated as such. 

When someone is seeking treatment, it feels comfortable to find a program close to home. Although that is a common mindset, it’s actually a better idea to leave home to assess addiction treatment options. 

Why Getting Sober Close to Home Is Not the Best Idea

There are a few reasons why getting addiction treatment close to home is not the best idea. While an inpatient treatment facility close to home may help someone get sober temporarily, the second the person leaves they step back into the same environment that initially drove their addiction. This is one of the biggest reasons why relapse is such a significant issue for someone once they leave an addiction treatment center.

If someone stays close to home, they are going to be spending time around the same friends who drove and enabled their addiction in the first place post-treatment. This is only going to lead to relapse, more heartbreak, and an endless cycle between an inpatient treatment center and relapse. It’s important for a person in recovery to meet new people who are going to support them and help maintain their sobriety. 

Why Traveling for Addiction Treatment is a Good Idea

By deciding to leave home for addiction treatment, you’re allowing yourself to choose from many different options of treatment programs. While your hometown may have a treatment program that specializes in substance abuse, you may require a treatment program that involves treating mental health and substance abuse.  The personal circumstances of everyone who struggles with drug abuse or alcoholism are different and need to be treated as such. The best way to find the right treatment for yourself is by keeping your options open and look outside of your hometown.

Traveling for addiction treatment gives you the ability to start fresh. You’ll be able to distance yourself from the toxic environment that drove you into the arms of addiction in the first place. You’ll be able to leave your old friends behind and make new friends who are like-minded individuals. A new town or city will help reduce distractions in your life and enable you to enjoy new experiences. One of the best parts about recovery is discovering a new life. A change of scenery will help you forget your old life and getting high.

Commit to the Recovery Process

It can be hard leaving home to seek addiction treatment but removing yourself from your current environment is one of the best things to do to commit to the recovery process. It’s impossible to have a fresh start if you don’t change your surroundings. It’s normal to dwell on the possibility of no longer being able to hang out with your friend group but in recovery, you’ll have endless opportunities to meet new people and form sober relationships. 

Let Us Help You!

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