Sometimes depression and addiction go hand in hand and anxiety and addiction too. Depression and anxiety lead people to use drugs and alcohol to alter their moods and help them feel better. It leads to having two different disorder that needs to be treated. Many rehabilitation and recovery centers do not have dual treatment programs. At Grace Recovery, we have two dual treatment programs that address the problem of depression, anxiety, and addictions.

Anxiety and Addiction Treatment

Anxiety disorders often lead to the abuse of drug and alcohol to cope with the feelings it brings. Many people do not seek help but medicate themselves with alcohol and drugs. Treating anxiety with medications and therapy can prevent it from leading to an addiction. When a patient needs anxiety and addiction treatment, we offer 30, 60, or 90 days of inpatient treatment. For very serious cases detox is needed. It helps the patients deal with the side effects of getting off alcohol or drugs.

When a person goes through detox, they are supervised medically by our trained staff. They use medication to minimize the side effects of withdrawal. Their physical and mental health is closely monitored. They eventually participate in programs that help them with the process. Activities are individual therapy,  group therapy, holistic activities and taking the right medications. for the detox program. We have many ways to treat different types of drug or alcohol addictions.

Anxiety has many symptoms like trouble sleeping,  racing thoughts, rapid heartbeat, insomnia, tremors, panic attacks, and fear.  We have many therapies for anxiety to help patients cope and change their behavior. Patients can talk with qualified therapists or social worker, group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, learn meditation, take medications, yoga,  participate in exercise programs,  and try new hobbies.

Benefits of Dual Treatment for Anxiety and Addiction

When you have two disorders it can lead to treating one or the other. Often this fails because it does not treat both disorders. It can lead to a cycle of treatment as an outpatient and relapse with the need for inpatient care. If you are treated just for addiction it can lead to relapse because the anxiety and the cause of the addiction is not addressed. Treating both disorders with dual diagnosis leads to recovery, and we have outpatient and aftercare services available to help you return to the community.

Depression and Addiction Treatment

Severe depression sometimes leads to alcohol or drug addiction. Those with an addiction often suffer from depression. Depression causes sadness, apathy, lack of energy, aches, and pains, sleep problems, anger, loss of appetitive, and trouble concentrating.  Without treatment, it can lead to problems with addiction. Often when someone is treated for depression it prevents them from developing an addiction. Many people with depression do not seek treatment.

When a patient has an alcohol or drug addiction we treat the addiction first. Often we begin with detox for 30, 60, or 90 days depending on the severity of the addiction. During that time the patient is supervised by the medical staff to ensure they get off the substance with a  minimum of symptoms.  Patients often take medications to helps them cope with withdrawal. They often attend group therapy, individual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy,  participate in exercise and relaxation exercises.

After the addiction has been dealt with they are given therapy to deal with the depression. It can be on an inpatient or outpatient basis. Both provide individual counseling, group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, developing an exercise and diet routine, meditation, yoga and developing new hobbies.  Treating both addiction and depression can prevent relapse. Outpatient therapy for both anxiety and depression offer patients an organized routine and the benefit of having their family participate.

After the person is discharged from Grace Recovery, we help them with aftercare. This means often helping them develop skills to find jobs and return to school. We teach them valuable skills about money, eating a healthy diet, exercising, and joining social groups. We have therapy groups, medication management, and assistance with finding a place to live.

Benefits of Our Dual Treatments Programs

There are few places like Rose Recovery that treat anxiety, depression, and addictions together. The benefits are that long term treatment can keep the patient from relapse and help them to recover more quickly. They teach valuable skills to help patients cope with the road to recovery. We are located in Los Angeles, CA  near  Hollywood.  Call today to learn more about our dual treatment program at 1-866-431-6302 or fill out our online form.

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