There are many different types of drugs that exist, and each one of them is addictive in some way or another. The trouble is that most people don’t realize just how addictive some drugs are. Depending on the class of the drug, the way it affects the person and how much or how long they take the drug, the chances of addiction can be lesser or more significant. That being said, every case of addiction is different, so the best way to fight against addiction is to know why something is addictive and the signs that someone has developed an addiction.


At Grace Recovery, we know how powerful addiction is and that some substances are more addictive than others. We believe everyone has the right to treatment and to live a life free of addiction, but that starts with giving them the information they need to identify an addiction so that they can get treatment. To help our clients with getting treatment, in this post, we will discuss cocaine, what it is, why it is addictive, answer the question “how addictive is cocaine,” and how to get help with a cocaine addiction.


What is Cocaine?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), cocaine is a powerful stimulant derived from the coca plant that has been used for well over a century in holistic medicine, modern medicine, and as an illicit drug.


The raw form of cocaine, the coca leaf, was ingested by native South American tribes to treat a wide variety of illnesses due to the stimulant effects of the substance. Later, in the 1900s, the chemical form of cocaine was developed (cocaine hydrochloride) and was used as a medication to treat various illnesses, including being put in tonics and elixirs. It was even used in early formulations of the soft drink Coca-Cola. It was even used as an anesthetic by surgeons before the invention of general anesthesia.


The modern form of cocaine is now a Schedule II drug making it highly illegal unless administered by a doctor in rare cases as an anesthetic.


What Are the Symptoms of Cocaine Use?


Because it is a stimulant, there are some tell-tale signs that someone is using cocaine. Recognizing these signs will help get someone the treatment they need to deal with their cocaine addiction.


The physical signs of cocaine use are shared amongst other stimulants, which means things like hyperactivity, inability to remain still, inability to focus, insomnia or long periods of being awake, dilated pupils, being quickly excited, paranoia, irritability, and mood swings.


These symptoms can also coincide with changes in behavior such as distancing oneself from friends and family, inability to meet obligations. Like with many addictive drugs, extended use often leads to legal trouble and financial problems.


How Addictive is Cocaine?


Answering the question “how addictive is cocaine” can be a bit tricky because each person is affected differently, but according to various sources, cocaine is listed as highly addictive. It is so addictive that it has been made illegal and is only used in the rarest of circumstances for medical procedures. The use, sale, possession, and transportation of cocaine are all illegal and carry heavy penalties, including many years in jail.


Great efforts have been made to prevent cocaine from being used by the general population due to its addictive nature, but it still remains present in most places in America.


What Causes Cocaine Addiction?


Understanding that cocaine is addictive is only part of the problem. The important thing is to understand why the drug is addictive. There are two main reasons why cocaine is addictive and what causes someone to become addicted to cocaine: the effect it has on the body and how using the drug makes someone feel.


Cocaine affects not only the central nervous system but the brain as well. Over time and with continued use, this can alter the chemistry of the brain and the body and make a person need to use the drug to function normally and become more and more resistant to its effects.


This can happen in as little as one use, but over time the person will require more and more cocaine to the point where they depend on it to live daily life. Even a short time without the substance can lead to withdrawal.


The second reason why cocaine is addictive is because of the way it makes a person who uses it feel. Many people use cocaine recreationally not for any medicinal properties, but because the stimulant properties make them feel alert, energetic, and in many cases, happy and more social. This feeling makes them want to continue to use the drug more and more.


How to Find Cocaine Rehab in Los Angeles, CA


The first thing to do is realize that you or someone you know has a cocaine addiction. Once that is done, the next step is to come to Grace Recovery. We are a holistic inpatient treatment facility that works on treating not just the addiction but the whole person.


We have holistic and group therapies designed to get at the root cause of the addiction as well as medication-assisted detox to make sure that the client purges the cocaine out of their system safely. We then provide aftercare services to help continue on the road to sobriety.

If you or someone you know has a cocaine addiction and are ready to get the help they need to get clean, contact Grace Recovery today!

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